Instant Gratification

The need for instant gratification can keep us from doing the things that we want to do. Yes, maybe in a month or two you’ll feel good about yourself if you go to the gym consistently but the chips are right there and they could make your taste buds feel good right away. Yes, it might be nice to start your project before the night it’s do due so you could not have to stay up all night but watching the next episode of Breaking Bad would be nice right at that moment. With the creation of social people were able to instantly know what was going on in others’ lives. It has ingrained that the stuff we want we want now even more than it already was. You don’t want to have to wait for results; you want results to be instantaneous. If you want to better yourself you need to think about if instant gratification will help you in the long run.

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Snow Days

Everyone loves a snow day. Even though we know that if we didn’t have the snow day we’d have a day off when it was nice out and warm nothing beats the feeling of waking up expecting to go to school and then not having to go. It’s a nice surprise. To me it’s logical to not want a snow day because it’s not as if I’d do anything productive with my day but I get one I am always nothing but grateful. Everyone needs to be unproductive every once and a while. Also, nothing is more disappointing than when you think you have a snow day and you don’t.

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Nostalgia is one of the more complicated emotions. It makes you feel happy remembering the good times that you once had. It also makes you sad because part of you longs to be there again. When looking at your past you look back with tunnel vision. You can tend to only remember the good things. People idealize their pasts and make it seem like it is better than their present. This isn’t always true. It’s important to try and enjoy things as they happen.

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Obligatory Birthday Post

Today is my birthday. In recent years birthdays have seemed to become less important. When you are little you are endlessly excited for your birthday because it’s all about you. You get presents and cake and everyone pays attention to you. As you get older you see that nothing is every just about you and everyone just let you believe that it was when you were younger. As you get older you start to see the bigger picture. Birthdays don’t feel as different as normal days anymore. That makes me seem kind of sad. I’m not. I’m just maturing which I get it what birthdays are really all about.

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If spring were the way I imagine it in my head it would be my favorite season. In my head spring is when the snow melts and the weather becomes beautiful. In actuality, a lot of spring still has snow. This snow is exclusively gray and ugly to look at. It is too wet. It is constantly raining. However, the end of spring is beautiful. All you want to do is be outside but you usually can’t be because you have responsibilities. I hate the beginning of spring but I love the end. It’s a great transition into summer, which is obviously my favorite season.

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I’ve talked about half of the seasons, so why not talk about the other half? My least favorite season is constantly rotating between winter, spring, and fall. Today it is fall. Fall is just pre-winter. The days begin to get shorter. The hours of daylight begin to vanish. You start to need to wear jacket when you go out because you have to accept the fact that summer is finally over. You have to go back to school, back to getting less sleep and back to most of your responsibilities. Fall’s placement during the year isn’t ideal either. It comes right after summer. Summer is a hard act to follow and by comparison fall is nothing. Fall is brown and although people claim that the trees are beautiful and full of color, I think all of the colors are muted.

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I have already expressed my feelings toward the winter and how I absolutely detest it. Talking about something so negatively put a bad taste in my mouth. I thought instead of talking about more negatively I’d talk about how much I’m longing for summer. I crave warm. I need warm. I want the sun. I’m ready for lazy days where I don’t have to up on real clothes. I’m ready to have half of the responsibilities that I do now. I’m ready to be able to go to my friend’s house and not have to leave for three days. I’m ready for it to be 8:00 pm and have there still be daylight. I’m ready to go out with my friends. I’m ready to have impromptu trips across the state just so we can go to Sonic. I want to be able to roll down the windows in my friends’ car. I’m ready for summer.

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I am so done with winter. I hate to just complain but not enough to not do it. I hate the winter. I wanted it to be over before it even started. The days are too short. It is always too dark. It is always too cold. It’s too wet. Yes, the snow may be pretty at first but quickly turn into grey mush. Snow banks form that I am sure to fall into. Ice causes accidents. Snow creates false hope for snow days. There isn’t enough sun. You need the sun in order to be happy. All winter sports are awful. The only time I went sledding I had to go to the hospital after. What I’m trying to say is I’m ready for the spring.

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I have recently come to realize that sleep is very very important. It’s funny. It seems to as if sleep is not important at all at night. You are fully capable of only running on three hours of sleep. There is no need for sleep at all. Of course I can watch another episode of Netflix. Then the morning comes. You realize how important sleep is. You literally need sleep. It seems impossible the stay awake. What I’m trying to say is that I’m extremely tired.

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Guilty Pleasures

Everyone has guilty pleasures. I have recently come to the conclusions that this isn’t necessarily a good thing. These “guilty” pleasures are things that you are ashamed of. You may be afraid of the judgment of others if they realized that you like whatever it is that you like. I don’t think people should be embarrassed about the things that you like. You can’t help what interests you.

I say this because over the summer I realized that I like the popular boy band One Direction. Go ahead and judge me. I did my fair share of judging myself. This probably doesn’t seem like that thing of a deal but to me it was. I identified as one of the people who thought one direction was stupid. I thought I was the type of person that thought One Direction was stupid. I kept this a secret for quite a while. I have finally accepted this about myself. Yes, I was still a little ashamed of this fact. One Direction is still one of my “guilty” pleasures but it is something that I am now more open about.

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Procrastination is a problem that is probably as old as time. It’s possible that it is even older than time because the guy who made time kept on putting it off. You’d think that eventually people would learn from their mistakes and the mistakes of others and actually do things before it was absolutely necessary to do them but few every do. I feel as though I don’t need to say that I have issues with procrastination because I think almost everyone does.

I sit here writing this entry thinking about the huge English project which is due tomorrow that I have barely started. I have known about this project for months and yet I here I am complaining about how I haven’t completed it. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Yes, I do think the project is a lot of work and it is possibly too much work for one project but I have no one to blame but myself for the fact that I haven’t completed it. I will definitely have to stay up all night tonight if I want to finish my project which is a tragedy.

I am determined to learn from this experience and become one of the few that do their work in a “normal” way. I know it’s foolish to believe that this will actually happen but I’m hopeful. I know I will definitely put things off in the future but I hope to at least decrease the amount of things that I put off. I am easily distracted but I hope to improve my ability to focus and to actually do the things that are necessary. Please, please hold me to this.

This is a video that I found a couple years ago that helps me motivate myself.

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Obligatory New Year’s Post

The idea of a new year and a new beginning has become somewhat clichéd. The phrase “new year, new me” is something that is constantly made fun of. It’s something that I have even made fun of it the past but when I think about it the idea isn’t really something to be made fun of.  It’s naïve to think that with a new year you become a new person but it’s a good excuse to try and better yourself. It can give you that extra push that you need to finally do that one thing that you’ve been waiting to do. Yes, its true that most people don’t keep their New Year’s resolutions throughout the year but a month of putting in that extra effort to reach whatever goal you have is better than nothing at all. Yes, new years really doesn’t have much actually significance (other than you now always mess up when writing the date) but why  complain? People should actively trying to make themselves better people and if a new year gives you a reason to try to become a better you I think you should take it.

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